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Geotextiles : 

Permeable textiles of synthetic fibres used in conjunction with soils or rocks as an integral part of a man made project, structure or system.

The earliest known attempt by man to control and stabilize Earth has been by the Mespotamians in using natural fascines for constructing ziggurats: ancient temples of learning. Today ADVAFELT Geotextiles are used in projects worldwide to offer durable and economical solutions to civil engineering problems. Apart from being the largest manufacturer of non-wovens in the worldwide ADVAFELT offers a variety of finished products vlz. Needle punched, thermally stabilized and resinated geo fabrics based on end application need. ADVAFELT Geotextiles are used for more than 80 applications in civil engineering which can be broadly classified as:

• Separation

• Reinforcement

• Filtration

• Drainage

• Moisture barrier (when impregnated)