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ADVABRUSH 2 is a complete easy-to-use cementitious waterproofing system. It is consisting of two component packages, factory blended under strict quality control for optimum results in the field. ADVABRUSH 2 is specifically designed to waterproof and protect concrete and masonry surfaces. It is ideal for above and below ground structures, interior and exterior. ADVABRUSH 2 is used extensively in below grade areas subjected to water pressures in tanks, underground, utility structures, concrete and masonry foundations, elevator pits, cisterns and all types of liquid containing facilities. ADVARUSH 2 is a two-component mortar based on cements, graded fine grain aggregates with special additives and synthetic polymers in water dispersion, prepared according to formula developed in the ADVANCE research laboratory. Once the two components are mixed, the product becomes a smooth mix that can be easily applied, even on vertical surfaces, in thicknesses up to 2mm thick per coat. Due to the high content of quality synthetic resins ADVABRUSH 2 adheres very well to all brick and concrete substrates. After curing it forms a flexible layer impermeable to CO2 SO2 chlorides and sulphates.