Aim Industries launches NOVASEAL 600
May 25, 2021

Aim Industries launches NOVASEAL 600
May 25, 2021

Aim Industries, a global leader in waterproofing solutions, has launched a new product under the name NOVASEAL 600.
Novaseal Coating 600 is a cold applied Polyurethane dispersion waterproofing membrane, which can be used for concrete and polyester built up roofs, masonry and metal surfaces, basements, wet areas and concrete walls.
What are the advantages of Novaseal coating 600?
• Polyurethane dispersion
• High tensile strength
• Crack bridging >1mm
• Resistant to oxidation
• Highly durable
• Repair friendly
Feel free to contact us, in order to know more about the product and the method of application.

About Novaseal 600

NOVASEAL600 is a cold applied single component bitumen modified polyurethane waterproofing membrane.
• Concrete and polyester built up roofs
• Masonry and metal surfaces
• Basements
• Wet Areas
• Concrete Walls
• Polyurethane Dispersion • High Tensile Strength
• Crack Bridging >1mm
• Resistant to oxidation
• Highly durable
• Repair friendly


Substrate should be sound, clean and free from dirt, dust, laitance and all loosely adhering particles. Absorbent cement based surfaces should be thoroughly saturated with water to achieve surface saturated dry condition. All cracks larger than 1mm should be filled with cement base concrete repair.
Apply two coats NOVASEAL600 at 1.0mm per coat thickness directly to the prepared substrate after mixing the NOVASEAL600 with slow feed mixer, then apply it using notched trowel and spread the product evenly over the area. Apply two coats in order to avoid pinholes. Note: Surfaces subject to continuous splashes or permanent contact with water shall be left to dry for at least 7 days before they are filled with water.
1. Thinning by 5% clean water 2. For large volume mixing use a low speed drill and mix it for 3 minutes.
0.85m²/ at 1mm DFT
Full Curing: 7 days from the date of final application Recoat: 8 hours