Exposed car park systems

Car park system

Car park floorings are meant to withstand a significant amount of automotive oils, heavy vehicles, water ingress etc.

Floor coating systems for car parks meet high demands depending if the car park is indoor or exposed and are subject to many different stresses, including atmospheric conditions.

For indoor car parks, Aim Industries uses a solvent free, epoxy resin floor coating: Advapoxy 1500. While for an exposed car park, Aim Industries uses polyurethane coating.

What are the benefits of our car park flooring system ?

  • • Durable
  • • Resistant to wear/tear of heavy foot traffic
  • • Resistant to water
  • • Resists degradation
  • • Rapid curing
  • • Slip resistance
  • • Color options

Exposed car park system

Application process

1. Surface preparation :
- Grinding surface: remove laitance and prepare a levelled concrete floor free from contaminants (grease, oil etc.)
- Touch up (minor repairs) through ADVAPUTTY in order to seal superficial cracks/holes.

2. AdvapoxyPrimer :
application to seal the surface. Priming is not normally required provided the substrate is sound, untreated and good quality nonporous concrete. If any doubts exist of the quality of the concrete, or if it is porous it should be primed with ADVAPOXY PRIMER.

3. Coating application of PU

4. Application of AdvaAntislip grains: Slip resistance, covers irregularities, better abrasion resistance

5. Final coat (Topcoat) of PU coating :

6. Lining and numbering Car parks can be done after 24H